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Since 1999, BC Merchants has championed small spirits, classic cocktail ingredients, and specialty casks of the world's great spirits.

Our dedication to small and predominantly family-owned companies allows the Illinois businesses we service to establish thoughtful back-bars, cocktail menus, and diverse shelves.

We never require bulk purchasing nor do we push product for any reason other than it being awesome. As a spirits house, our dedicated account managers are truly conversant with all of the products in our far-reaching portfolio.

From the standard bearers of vermouth to exclusive casks of Scotch, from Agricole rhum to exquisite Austrian brandy, BC Merchants can fill your well and bargain shelf, round out your cocktail menu, and enhance your rare bottle list with ease and always with exemplary customer service.

Learn more about the entrepreneurs and generations-old distilling families who comprise our network of valued partners and the future of spirits. Cheers!

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